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Straight out of college Joe had planned a career as a writer of fiction. With degrees in creative writing and english literature from studies at Temple University and Toronto's York University, he looked forward to a career in letters. He had studied with then up and coming author Michael Ondaatje whose Booker prize winning novel The English Patient would become a major motion picture starring Ralph Fiennes. But Joe had always been a passionate music fan and when an opportunity to work for a major record distributor with artists like KISS and Donna Summer was offered, he couldn't resist. That decision led him to a twenty year career in music working with superstars like the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and literally dozens more. He retired from music and authored a book entitled Welcome to the Jungle published by HarperCollins. He spent time as a marketing consultant for video games, followed by stints in baseball and real estate but continued to write. In 2022 he published two books of poetry for children, and in March of 2024 released MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market, a study of agent mental health in the real estate industry. He lived and works from his home just east of Los Angeles at the foot of the San Gabriel mountains.


Joe Owens is an author and storyteller whose works include novels, short stories, screenplays, plays and books for kids.

A recent non-fiction release, MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market, is a groundbreaking exploration of agent mental health in the real estate industry. 

He's currently at work on Conspiracy of Law a gripping legal thriller, and The Asset an intricately plotted tale of international political intrigue. Shorts & Briefs: Comfortable Stories for Uncomfortable Times, is a collection of short stories demonstrating his ability to captivate readers with concise and compelling creations.

Joe lives and works from his home at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles with his dogs Snoop Dogg and Beau. Joe finds inspiration in the natural beauty of his surroundings and strives to craft compelling stories that will resonate with his readers.

With degrees in English literature and creative writing and studies at Temple University in Philadelphia and York University in Toronto, his dedication to his craft shines through in his work, offering readers an immersive storytelling experience.

Other Information

Joe is a musician, playing guitar, piano and drums. Over his lifetime he has moved his home 47 times. He drives a 2021 Jeep Wrangler modified for off-roading which he and his son Jake enjoy as often as possible. He runs 2-3 miles a day, is in the gym at least 4 times a week. He has an uneasy relationship with technology, detests social media as trivial but necessary for business, is passionate about mid-century modern furniture, architecture and design, and believes the best films and TV shows are in black and white. He is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church Ministries (just like Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga). 


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If you have any questions about my books, my writing process, future releases, or my dogs, Snoop Dogg and Beauregard, please feel free to contact me.