From the series: Joe Owens Kids Collection

Tommy the Tractor

The Little Tractor with a Big Heart


There was once a little tractor who lived on a farm but where he really wanted to live was in the Big City....and, more than anything else in the whole wide world, he wanted to be a bulldozer. Follow the adventures of Tommy the Tractor as he makes his way to the Big City in his quest to work on a  construction site with giant skyscrapers and with his heroes, the Bulldozers. Although Tommy tries and tries, he just isn't big enough or strong enough to be accepted by the giant 'Dozers, but then one day....... Kids will love Tommy as he tries his best to realize his dream and will cheer when he finally gets his big chance. Written for kids aged 3 to 9 with big letters, little words and great illustrations, kids and parents will love the story of Tommy's journey from the farm to fame in the Big City.