MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market

From Stress to Success


The real estate industry is at a crossroads. High interest rates, scant inventory, and massive lawsuits that threaten the agent/buyer relationship have left agents feel frustrated and apprehensive about their career and their future.

In MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market, you’ll...

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Read Along Poems & Stories to Share

With Jennifer, Pony & Theodore Bear
Book #2 from the series: Joe Owens Kids Collection

Jennifer, Pony & Theodore Bear are back with new poems, new adventures and new ways to learn and play. Parents, grandparents, teachers and friends can help young readers learn about the Days of the Week, the importance of being honest with friends, new languages and more. Research shows poetry can speed up the reading process for young...

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Traveling Here & Traveling There

With Jennifer, Pony & Theodore Bear
Book #1 from the series: Joe Owens Kids Collection

Join Jennifer, Pony & Theodore Bear as they travel here, there and everywhere. Forty years in the making, Joe Owens' first collection of poems for kids teaches, reading, rhythm and rhymes with stories from around the corner and out of this world. Kids will learn the music that language and poetry can have as parents, grandparents, teachers,...

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Welcome to the Jungle

A Practical Guide to Today's Music Business

Released when Top 40 radio, still made hits, Album Rock radio ruled FM, powerful record labels controlled the flow of talent, and giant record store chains determined who was hot and who was not. With a foreword by Steely Dan/Doobie Brothers guitarist Skunk Baxter and reviews by industry legal powerhouse Alan Grubman, Welcome to the Jungle...

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Tommy the Tractor

The Little Tractor with a Big Heart
From the series: Joe Owens Kids Collection

There was once a little tractor who lived on a farm but where he really wanted to live was in the Big City....and, more than anything else in the whole wide world, he wanted to be a bulldozer. Follow the adventures of Tommy the Tractor as he makes his way to the Big City in his quest to work on a  construction site with giant skyscrapers...

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