Book #1 from the series: Joe Owens Kids Collection

Traveling Here & Traveling There

With Jennifer, Pony & Theodore Bear

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Join Jennifer, Pony & Theodore Bear as they travel here, there and everywhere. Forty years in the making, Joe Owens' first collection of poems for kids teaches, reading, rhythm and rhymes with stories from around the corner and out of this world. Kids will learn the music that language and poetry can have as parents, grandparents, teachers, and siblings share the delightful stories of Jennifer and her friends. Traveling Here & Traveling There with Jennifer, Pony & Theodore Bear will both entertain and educate as kids eagerly imitate the words and sounds they hear. Little lovers of pictures and poems will ask to hear about their fun new friends again and again. Research conducted by Scholastic Inc, Reading Partners and others has shown reading poetry helps children learn about voice, pitch, volume, and inflection. While these are mainly functions of speech, they're also incredibly important for children learning to read. Poetry can teach young readers about speech patterns, which can give them cues to the words on a page and hasten the learning experience. Kids and parents will enjoy exploring topics like travel, language, honesty and respect with poems that will educate, entertain and delight.

Praise for this book

"Super cute book for kids!! The characters are relatable and my girls love the stories. We also love part of the proceeds go to charity!"
"My 4 year old was so excited to get this and read it that night! The stories are great for kiddos her age. The quality of the book itself was fantastic as well. She loved all three characters and their adventures and wanted to hear more stories, so hopefully there will be another collection!"